Welcome to the official website for Breathe Live Believe, Green Yoga & Spiritual Sangha and Whole Foods Vegan. I am so happy you have followed your Divine intuition to discover more about Green Yoga, spirituality and holistic wellness.  This is one more step towards effecting positive change in your life and on this beautiful planet.  The road ahead will be invigorating, challenging, educational and transformative.  The time is Now.  Let’s SHIFT and grow together!


Breathe. Live.  Believe.  Teaching Green Yoga, spirituality, eco-conscious living and holistic wellness is my passion.  These aspects of living a High Vibration Lifestyle are the foundation of everything I do, underlying all services offered to spread awareness of how to live healthfully in mind, body and spirit, and live lightly on our beautiful planet.



Ecological Awareness, Sustainability, and Compassion

I am committed to eco-conscious and compassionate living, on and off the mat, inside and out.

Inner Harmony, Spirituality, and Spreading Awareness

I promote, encourage, and teach these values in every class, workshop and gathering to bring people into a higher state of consciousness to effect positive change in our community and on all of Mother Earth.

Passion, Integrity, and Community

I live my “work.”  It is my purpose to spread love, light, peace and healing to all beings and to our planet.  The teachings and practices of Yoga and spirituality permeate my daily life and I attempt to lead by example in all I do, for purification of Self and the Earth.

Leanne Wierzbicki, BEd, HBA English, CYA-E-RYT 200+hrs

 Author of the forthcoming book “Soul Food:  Transitioning to Compassionate Whole Food Choices That Heal Body, Mind and Spirit”

Breathe.  Live.  Believe.  Committed to holistic and eco-conscious living, on and off the mat, inside and out.

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